Employee Work Rules

POLICY: Employee Work Rules
POLICY #: [Insert Number]
PERTAINS TO: All Employees

[Company Name] does not tolerate unacceptable behavior. The following list of behaviors is unacceptable, however this is merely a sample list. Any employee found engaging in any unacceptable behavior will be subject to disciplinary action (whether or not the behavior appears on the following list). Disciplinary action includes, but is not limited to: reprimand, suspension, and dismissal.

1. Neglecting work responsibilities during work hours
2. Consistent tardiness or unexcused absences
3. Punching another employee´s time card or falsifying records
4. Giving false, incomplete, or misleading information to obtain days off
5. Failure to comply with the instructions of the supervisor(s)
6. Stealing, damaging, or destroying company property/co-worker property
7. Neglecting company property
8. Unauthorized use of company property
9. Violation of safety or health rules
10. Violating company smoking policy
11. Workplace violence (including threats and verbal abuse)
12. Sexual harassment
13. Engaging in horseplay or other disorderly conduct
14. Possession of weapons while on company property
15. Working under the influence of drugs or alcohol
16. Violating company dress code

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