3 trends HR can expect in 2013

What changes will the workplace undergo this coming year?

Here are three major trends you can expect to see in the workplace in 2013:

Flextime and telecommuting will continue to grow. Flextime and telecommuting have been found to have positive effects on everything from retention to employee health, so it’s no surprise that both will likely continue to grow in popularity in 2013. After all, more often than not, it’s a win-win solution to enact those policies — workers save money on gas and tolls and have better control over their personal lives, while employers look at the arrangements as morale boosters as well as savings opportunities.

Online hiring will increase in popularity as well. A 2012 study found that 63% of HR pros “somewhat often” or “very often” conduct interviews via video, and that trend shows no sign of slowing down in the coming 12 months. That makes sense: 85% of small businesses said that hiring online gives them a competitive advantage, according to the recent Elance Global Business Survey.

“Fractional employment” will help small businesses compete. With the popularity of on-demand businesses like Zipcar increasing among consumers, small businesses are also beginning to use talented temp or freelance workers on an as-needed basis more and more. That’s good news for small companies — hiring on-demand allows them to compete with bigger companies.



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