Job evaluation criteria

Today by chance, I saw that my friend shared 2 professional photos, so I took the liberty to put it on the blog for the whole family to read. Here are the photos:

Here is image 1 – calculate the weight of the criteria. In this photo, the author uses the pairwise comparison method to calculate. Specifically, we will compare rows and columns. If:
- If the line is more important than the column, then: 2 points
- Lines are as important as columns: 1 point
- If the line is less important than the column, then: 0 points
This method uses British practice.

This is photo 2 – rank the values of the positions. To make this ranking, the author has assessed the position to see how much that position is for each criterion. After having the level of each criterion, the author will use that as a basis to convert to points and calculate the total score.

By the way, I also filtered and retyped the photo to save memories. To produce the results of the two pictures above, in my opinion, the author followed the following steps:

Step 1: Determine the set of criteria. Criteria for assessing work value

A. Minimum Required Competencies”
A1. Academic level
A2. Experience required to do the job
A3. Ability to use and exploit the device

B. Responsibilities:
B1. Scope of influence on areas of activity
B2. The degree of influence on the work of others
B3. Impact of decisions

C. Job characteristics:
C1. Degree of job mastery
C2. Complexity and variability in work
C3. Labor type

D. Relationship:
D1. Internal working relationship
D2. External working relationship

E. Working environment and conditions:
E1. Consumption of physical labor
E2. Consumption of mind
E3. Working environment and conditions

Step 2: Use the pairwise comparison method to calculate the weight of the criteria (picture 1)
Step 3: Determine the level and score for the levels for the above criteria
Step 4: Evaluate the level for the positions and calculate the total score to rank the value of the positions (photo 2)

When I have some free time, I will make an excel file, retype it and fill in the missing parts of the photos : EASY

Nguyen Hung Cuong


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