Reference Letter Example Template

BUSINESS NAME} {ADDRESS} {CITY, STATE, ZIP CODE} Phone: {NUMBER} Fax: {NUMBER} {EMAIL} {DATE} {PROSEPCTIVE EMPLOYER NAME} {ADDRESS} {CITY, STATE, ZIP CODE} Re: Reference Letter for {FORMER EMPLOYEE NAME} Dear {PROSPOECTIVE EMPLOYER NAME} Our records indicate that {FORMER EMPLOYEE NAME} was employed by {BUSINESS NAME} in the position of {POSITION} from {DATE} to {DATE}. At the time of their departure {HIS/HER} salary was {SALARY}. I worked with {FORMER EMPLOYEE NAME} in that capacity of {YOUR POSITION} and we interacted on a {DAILY/WEEKLY/MONTHLY} basis. Unfortunately, {HE/SHE} did not meet our job expectations. During {HIS/HER} employment, {HE/SHE} was unable to {INSERT INFORMATION}, and {HE/SHE} was unable to correct this problem despite repeated discussions and warnings. {FORMER EMPLOYEES NAME} left employment with {BUSINESS NAME} and unfortunately {HE/SHE} would not be eligible for rehire with our Company. Sincerely {NAME} {POSITION} {BUSINESS NAME} Please note: The Reference Letter Template is provided for you by as a free service. The free hr forms and templates are general in nature and not based on the laws of any specific state or other jurisdiction. Prior to using these forms, we recommend that you consult with an attorney or other expert knowledgeable in the laws of the applicable jurisdiction and the specific intended use of those forms.


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