What To Do If You’re Passed Over For A Promotion in HR…

by Alan Collins - http://successinhr.com There are TWO ways to deal with getting passed over. You could set up a follow up meeting with the decision-maker that rejected you and explain that they had made a mistake.While you’re at it, tear down the person they actually selected, indicating that this person has some major “flaws” that nobody else is aware of.Share your concerns that these flaws will make it a “challenge” for the new person to be accepted and to succeed on the job.Go even farther and let your peers and colleagues know about the horrible decision that was made, how the organization sucks and how totally unfair the whole succession planning process is. And, if you’re Black, Latino, Asian, Female or Gay, subtly hint that bias played a role in you not getting the job.Or you could do this….You could be more gracious than if you’d actually gotten the promotion.You could send a note or leave a voice mail thanking the decision maker for the time they invested…and request a follow-up meeting to get more feedback on what you can do to be better prepared for such opportunities in the future. Upon hearing their feedback, you might thank them, outline what you learned from the process and what you’ll be changing in the future.If you know the candidate that was selected and TRULY respect them, you could sing their praises to the decision maker indicating that a wise decision has been made and that you’d appreciate being considered for the next opportunity. You might even go further and send a congratulatory note to the person who got the job sincerely offering your help and support.Now, a couple of questions: 1. Which one will make you more likely to be considered for next HR promotion, or to be the backup if the first choice leaves or fails? and 2. Which one is most likely to enhance your reputation?I think this is a no brainer.But how many people do you see that opt for strategy #2?I believe the answer is: very few.But I may be wrong. What do you think?


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