Telecommuting Policy

POLICY – Telecommuting
POLICY NUMBER – [Insert Number]
EFFECTIVE DATE – [Insert Date]
PERTAINS TO – All Regular Full Time Employees

The company is committed to being flexible to the personal circumstances and preferences of their employees.Telecommuting schedules must be arranged with the employee´s immediate supervisor. Approval for these schedules is at the discretion of the supervisor as it is not possible for all positions to be removed from the regular working environment. Any employee working from home is asked to schedule their day according to regular working hours in order to be accessible to fellow workers and company clients.This includes checking in with the office regularly and keeping your supervisor informed of your working hours and location as well your status on assignments and projects. Employees are required to be present for all departmental meetings and to be in the office a minimum of [insert number of days] per [week or month]. Being present in the regular work environment creates consistency and communication among the team.

Any employee found to be abusing the telecommuting privilege will be disciplined up to and including dismissal


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