Policy Leave of Absence Example Template

POLICY: Personal Leave of Absence
POLICY #: [Insert Number]

PERTAINS TO: All Employees/Full-time employees [choose one]

[Company Name] understands that occasionally, situations may arise in which an employee needs to take time of for personal matters. Accordingly, we allow our employees to take a personal leave of absence, provided that certain conditions are satisfied.

All [full-time] employees are who have been employed at [Company Name] for a period of [insert time span] are eligible for personal leave.

Personal leave may be taken for any of the following reasons:

- Extension in extended vacation or sabbatical leave
- For a funeral of a family member or close friend
- Treatment of any health conditions/recovery from treatment
- To care for a family member with a serious health condition
- For education
- For emergencies that may arise

[Company Name] reserves the right to ask for documentation/certification is any of the above-mentioned situations, (i.e. medical/death certificate).

Personal leave is offered for a period of [insert time span], and may not be exceeded. The employee may choose to take the leave all at once, or in shorter periods (to continue work part-time).

All employees wishing to take personal leave must notify their immediate supervisors, in writing, at least 15 days before the proposed leave. We understand that in some emergency cases, this may not be possible. In these cases, the employee should notify his/her supervisor as soon as possible.

Personal leave is [paid] or [unpaid]. Employees have the option of using any accrued paid leave they may have toward their unpaid personal leave.

Any employee on personal leave will still be entitled to their health benefits. All other benefits will end. Upon return to work, he/she will be reinstated to his/her former position, and all other benefits as if the leave was never taken.

[Company Name] will offer the appropriate accommodations, in the event that an individual is not able to perform previous job duties.

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