Know your golfing style

We all know the Bobby Jones’ quote:

“Golf is a game that is played on a five-inch course – the distance between your ears”.

The way you play golf – prepare for the swing, make decisions on the field, calculate risk, interact with other players, control your temper, approach the game react to the outcome of your shot – can be extrapolated to another game: business. When you observe someone’s style of playing golf, you can learn more about his style of doing business.

The preparation for the game is as important as the game itself. Golf is about managing your own behavior, adjusting it to the golf mindset. Between the starting point and the final hole that you want to achieve is one variable that is different for each golfer – the golfer himself – you. The way you modify your behavior to the circumstances will define the outcome.

Players can play on the same golf course, play with the same kind of ball and clubs, have the same weather condition, but the number of stroke one will win by depends on how well the individual is prepared for the game and a bit of luck. The best golfers build success on their strengths and have the will to identify and work on their weaknesses.

There are four main behavioural styles (D for Dominance, I for Influence, S for Steadiness and C for Compliance) that describe golfers:
“D style” golfer Loves the competitive atmosphere
Plays in aggressive, sometimes blunt away
“I style” golfer Loves the positive atmosphere
Enjoys talking with other players
“S style” golfer Loves the family atmosphere
Plays with calm and steady style, has patience
“C style” golfer Loves the clear rules and logic of the game
Tracks and discusses only statistics

Each golfing style can bring the golfer to a win by properly utilizing his own strengths, but at the same the golfer can lose if he lets his weaknesses take over or when he overuses his strengths.

Style A golfer can WIN by
D Challenging and strategic approach
I Enthusiastic attitude
S Following the process in calm manner
C Being focused on the current shot

Style A golfer can LOSE by
D Letting the ego come first and losing his temper
I Lack of concentration on the game
S Inability to forget of the last “missed” stroke
C Overanalysing statistics and losing the big picture

Before you go on the course, take a moment to think about the style of golfer that you are. Then, challenge your current way of playing.

1. First, identify your natural behavior to know what your starting point is.
2. Next, define what modifications you need to apply to be successful. You can do this part together with your personal coach.
3. Then, practise over and over again to master and manage your behavioural strengths and shortcomings.

If you want to play golf, you need to constantly excel the game on your “five-inch course”. By improving as a golfer, you will improve as a person at the same time. What you learn on the golf course, you can transfer to your business life and vice versa.

Whether you are a golfer, who wants to quickly learn more about his own behavior, or a coach who wants to find the right approach and to maximise each session with a learning golfer, you can use our validated business model that can make a positive impact in lowering your handicap.

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